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Toddler Program

Our Toddler program is divided into behavioral and social skills; has a sense of self and self care. Logic and reasoning; makes connections and recognizes similarities.

Arts and social sciences; demonstrates an understanding of diversity. Language and literacy skills; recognizes both upper case and lower case letters. Math skills; can identify shapes easily. Physical development skills; learning to use scissors and other tools that require coordination

and safe handling.

Children's House

The Children’s House is a unique space where learning

is mostly individualized. The teacher will show the child the way through the work, and offer a whole new world of experiences. Children can work at their own pace and

accomplish their inner goals.

Our program is focused on behavioral and social skills; employs conflict resolution skills, articulates needs and feelings. Logic and reasoning; looks at problems from multiple angles and shows flexibility in approaching them. Arts and social sciences; studies the continents and understands climate diversity. Language and literacy skills; spells simple words by sounding out letters and combinations. Science, math and physical development skills as well.

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Elif Activities

We are proud to offer exciting activities within our program like Swimming Class, Movement Class, Music Class, Vegetable Picking at the farm and Composting!

Incorporating these activities helps our children develop essential motor and life long skills. As part of our Montessori program they also learn about practical living by doing day to day activities like composting, watering plants, vegetable picking, cleaning and even learning how to tie their shoes!

Kids Club

A safe and fun environment where kids can learn

and enjoy to the fullest during their time in Costa Rica while while you're visiting or vacationing!

Through fun activities and exploratory play,

our Kids Club incorporates a variety of activities suited

to all ages that enhances the child's development.

Welcoming all children ages 1.6-6 years old.



Any time, any day of the week.

Wether you are visiting Costa Rica or live in Guanacaste and need someone to take care of your children, we've got you covered.


Our nannies are trained teachers and CPR certified.

Call us for more information: +506 70184778

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