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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands

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Elif Academy


We believe in a community where all children

feel loved, respected and encouraged to develop

to their fullest potential.


Our program is planned to

promote positive growth in the lives of all children,

enabling each child to develop their social, physical, emotional and intellectual abilities.


Our space promotes a safe environment that
creates an opportunity for children to develop

and grow through appropriate role modeling.


To provide high quality education and childcare

in a safe, respectful and inclusive environment that

builds a foundation for life-long learning.

Health & Safety

We value the importance of health and safety understanding that each one of our kids that walks

through the door is as important to us

as they are to their parents.


Our staff is qualified, CPR trained, and

we have certified teachers and trained nurses

that are always in the classroom.


We disinfect everyday and every 3 months

we do intense cleaning. We meet all requirements

of health & safety from Costa Rica’s government.


Safety is our priority.

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Our Space

Montessori oriented.

 Our space is a friendly, comfortable environment that considers our children's necessities allowing them to develop and feel empowered by their space.

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